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HELP! Updated, now I can't send a copy to email!

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Hi everyone. I need to clip articles and send them to my company every day at my job. Until I updated Evernote yesterday, I was able to easily highlight all notes in my notebook, click "send a copy" and it would show up on my email, formatted all nice and ready to go. Today when I tried to it, it sent a strange, unformatted jumble of notes - no headings, no urls, etc. I can't even find a customer service number to get help. Do I need to pay money to upgrade to the next level? Or is there just some setting that got changed when I updated?


This is a huge problem for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Hi. If you didn't already try the basics - log out of Evernote and log back in.  If that doesn't work,  restart your device - and if you're still stuck please confirm what OS and device you're emailing from;  Mac / Windows / iOS / Android?  Desktop / Tablet / Web?  Could you open your account from work in a browser by logging into Evernote.com to see your notes?

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