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Suggestion: Meeting actions app/functionality

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It is well known that a common issue with meetings is that ACTIONS are not captured and followed-up on. Now that Evernote is becoming more business-focused, this seems an area where it could offer something.


So, my suggestion - add functionality to the Evernote mobile app to allow you to take a photo of a series of actions written on a Whiteboard (that have been written down during a meeting), and then 'magically' transform this into a To Do list style note. This note can then be shared with multiple participants.


The evernote app can already do some of this, but there is not yet the functionality to transform the photo into a written Evernote note with checklists against items. I know this isn't a simple bit of functionality, but I believe it would be possible, even if the user had to do some manual corrections. 


I believe Evernote having some 'killer' tools to improve meetings would fit well with their current business focus.


Just a thought...


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There's another discussion thread on this subject (see "How evernote could be my ultimate to-do list"),

but they're discussing action items within meeting notes.

You've expanded this to action items within a photo.

I can't see EN implementing this.

I can see myself writing a script to extract action items from a meeting note, but I have no idea how to do it from a photo.

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