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Penultimate 6.2 Released



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Hi all,


We released Penultimate 6.2 to the App Store earlier today.


This version adds multitasking, iPad Pro & Apple Pencil support, and free paper for everyone!


What's new in 6.2:

  • All papers are now free!
  • Now supports iOS Multitasking
  • Apple Pencil pressure sensitivity support (iPad Pro only)
  • More intuitive pen, highlighter, and color selectors
  • New full-screen paper selector when creating a note or switching paper types within a note
  • Added a grid view to the pages tray so you can see more of the pages within your note and quickly navigate to the page you want to edit
  • Notebooks look like notebooks instead of circles, and it's easier to identify business and shared notebooks
  • Added a page count to the cover of each note in a note list
  • Updated Penultimate Help screen (accessed from the writing screen)
  • UI improvements throughout the app
  • Updated Adonit SDK

Please let us know what you think.

You can download the Penultimate app from the App Store.
You can order the Jot Script 2 Evernote Edition Stylus from the Evernote Market.
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I played with the updated Penultimate, and the Apple Pencil works much better than before! Once the pencil touches the screen, the app ignores input from my hand. I just have to remember to be careful with my hand each time I change tools, because with each tool selection (pen, highlighter, eraser) it will accept input from my hand (like if I bump the screen) until the Pencil touches the screen again. I'd like a "stylus only" option, but it works great otherwise.

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first of all excuse my english

I´ve been using penultimate since the last 2 years, i´ve 2 Pens: Jot Touch and Jot Script 2 (I´m using  the Jot Touch in my home, and the other one is always in my Bagpack)

since the last update of Penultimate, i´m not able to sinchronize the Jot Script 2 using my iPad Air 2.

I´ve made all possible solutions:

  • reinstalling Penultimate - no solution
  • restarting Ipad,- no solution
  • enabling, disabling BT - no solultion


What can I do?


by the other hand:

  •  in this version of penultimate (as in the last ones since the big BAD change) There is no option to copy/ paste a FULL Page.
  • Now is extremely difficult to insert a blank page between the rest of the notebook (now you must add a blank page at the end of the notebook and then move it to its final (desired) position inside the notebook)


my best regards


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Switch off Bluetooth in settings.

switch off you ipad

start your ipad

switch on Bluetooth 

open penultimate app and then connect your Jot Script

this sequence of actions will reset the Bluetooth settings for your app and enable you to reconnect your jot script

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I'm using Pen Ultimate for a while now, but since one of the last updates there is a small bar to browse trough pages at the bottom of my screen. I use the Evernote Jot script2, but for some reason my hand keeps touching this bar, it pops up and I cant write until I push the "browse pages"-screen down again. Very annoying. Could you please do something about that? 

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You used to be able to rest part of your hand on the screen! I don't mind some of the other updates (the new page arrangement, etc.) and I'm appreciative of all the free paper styles, but if I can't write on the page anymore what's the point?

Each time I square up to write, the pages/arrangement menu pops up! Bring back the "resting" bar feature please! 

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