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no full screen at all

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Hmmn.  That's a 2MB clip - pasting the content into a Word document it runs to 50+ pages.  I've found that very long clips can be a problem - If nothing else works the way around this one may be for you to Select All on the page,  paste to a Word document and then add attach that document to your note.  Before that there are a few things you could try however -


Select All and

  • clip Selection
  • copy / paste into a new note
  • copy / paste into Word,  then copy / paste from Word into a note


  • Try Evernote Clearly (similar to Clipper,  but captures just the relevant text and pictures from the page)


- And my Firefox 43 is on the Beta channel  :)


(Edit - note that in some cases you might also have to copy/ paste the URL too..)

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