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Evernote for iOS 7.9.2 Released



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Hi all,


We released Evernote for iOS 7.9.2 this morning, and it should be available to everyone in the App Store shortly.


This release cleaned up the home screen and home screen settings, added more 3D Touch functionality, and replaced the photo picker.


Notable fixes and improvements:

  • Added 3D Touch Peek & Pop on all note lists, including search results
  • Added an audio quick note button to the home screen (replacing the "Work Chat" button)
  • Made it easier to view section details on the home screen: turning on "Show Details" in settings for any section will actually show the details with no hidden minimum thresholds. Got one tag? We'll show it to you if that's what you want to see.
  • Now you can access search directly from the Today Widget
  • Updated photo picker for adding photos to your notes
    • Improved the camera roll thumbnail resolution
    • Made it easier to access all photos, moments, and iCloud photo libraries
    • Added ability to access photos when your photo library is optimized for iPhone storage
    • Removed the selection circles - you'll still see check marks when you select images to add to your notes
  • Peeking into a note no longer makes it "recently viewed" - you need to open the note completely to do that
  • PDF viewing won't cause a crash when multitasking on iPad
  • Reduced prompts for App Store feedback - we love and appreciate feedback (here and in the App Store), but we're trying to interrupt you less often and keep you productive in Evernote.

You can download the Evernote for iOS app from the App Store.


As always, please let us know what you think.


Cheers & Happy Holidays!

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I can't seem to get the 'Reminders' to go away, at the top of a notebook, even though no notes have any reminders. I wish I could configure it off

Copy and Paste continues to be buggy. It will let me select text without offering to let me copy it. Sometimes, I have to select text several times before it gives me the choice of copying the selection. This is on an iPhone 6S plus, latest IOS. Had the same problem in iPhone 5S.





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There are a number of issues with putting the cursor on a certain spot, marking text and checking off check boxes. 
For details see below, 
1. Placing cursor to Smiley marks whole text 
When setting the cursor *by tapping* to the end of some of the lines below, the whole text is marked in red. A strange message is displayed. See attached screen shot.


2. Placing the cursor on a word looks for alternative words
When placing the cursor on a single word, briefly you see that the app looks for alternative words. Annoying.
3. Scrolling when marking large text areas
Take a text bigger than a page that fits on the screen. Scroll to the bottom of the text. Starting marking the text from the bottom and extend the range towards the top until the screen starts scrolling. You see the focus jumps. It's not possible to mark the whole page.
4. Checking off check boxes
When checking off a check box  the cursor jumps to the end of the document.


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On December 27, 2015 at 11:56 PM, cjshaker said:

The search function continues to frustrate. It acts like it only searches subjects. I wish that it would search the note body text

thank you,


Hi Chris,

As you type in search, we search your note titles (on-device) after each character entered to help identify notes quickly. When you press the "Search" key on the keyboard we search the entirety of your Evernote account (on our servers) to return a resulting list of matched notes.

I hope this helps.


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On December 19, 2015 at 10:50 AM, FlorianW said:

Since that update is available in AppStore I am not able to do the update.

The download goes through but it will never be installed.

What can I do?


This is actually an iOS 9 bug that was supposed to be fixed in iOS 9.1, but evidently isn't quite fixed yet (I have 3 apps stuck in this state in iOS 9.2). Rebooting the device sometimes fixes the problems and the apps resume and complete installation. If that doesn't work, deleting the app and reinstalling should getting you running again.

I hope this helps.


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On 12/27/2015 at 4:42 PM, cjshaker said:

Copy and Paste continues to be buggy. It will let me select text without offering to let me copy it. Sometimes, I have to select text several times before it gives me the choice of copying the selection.




Agreed, as I've been seeing this on an i6 and an iPad Air 2 for what seems like a couple of months, and a colleague tells me that he sees the same issue.

Sometimes can't select text at all or fully.  Then the copy popup bar appears and disappears very quickly.



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