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Spacing - please tell me you can control this...

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After a brief search, it appears this topic has been covered, but I'm hoping an Evernote employee has good news to offer.


I've been a casual Evernote user for a long time (and love it). 


The department I work in has grown disillusioned with its current document collaboration platform. I suggested we switch to Evernote (there are 36 of us). We love all the features but discovered that you cannot control line spacing.


I'm guessing that this is something Evernote is working on, but I'm wondering if someone from the company can give me a timeline. Is this something that will be fixed in the near term?


Can anyone tell me if there is an easy workaround that doesn't require some kind of tortuous pre-formatting? 


Or, can an Evernote employee tell me if the company has decided not to bother fixing this because the perception is that they don't have to go through the trouble (which is likely huge) to retain customers. If this is the case, I completely understand, but I would love it if an Evernote employee could let me know if this is something we can anticipate or not.


Any insight would help with what is a large decision.... 



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Hi.  If you spent any time around the forums you'll realise that this is primarily a user-led process,  and the guys from Evernote don't often get involved with individual queries except where there's ongoing development work directly involving the issue under discussion.  If you need a direct response I'd suggest raising a support ticket - click Troubleshooting in the Help Center (link below in my sig) and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the 'Contact Support' button.


You don't mention what sort of line spacing issues you're facing,  but if you're looking for word-processor style font and paragraph formatting I think its fairly safe to say that improvements are under development,  but not in any timescale that's likely to influence your decisions.  If you need to make a choice now,  then you should base your deliberations on what's currently available in the Premium or Business applications.


I'd suggest starting a collaboration pilot with two or three colleagues to share and modify documents,  and scope out the practicalities of Evernote processes - not using live data,  but maybe rehashing something that you have finished recently so you're using real data,  but it's not business-critical.  If that pilot works you would repeat the exercise with more and more participants to ensure that your normal levels of collaboration activity are supported.

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