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Set up scanned docs in Evernote and turn it all over to a client

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A client has a huge number of paper files that I'd like to scan into Evernote, label and organize,

then turn over to him.


I know how to set up the data, but once it's set up, I have no more use for it.


What is the best way to give the entire Evernote configuration of Notebooks to the client?

There will be many, many notebooks and A LOT of data. When the data is shared (no matter

how) does the shared data count towards the clients monthly limit? 


What's the easiest, least costly way to do this?



Thanks for your help.

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Hi.  Before you get too involved with Evernote I'd suggest you find out whether the client has an Evernote account already,  and if not,  set up a new free account in a suitable name with a couple of example documents stored in it,  so you can give the client the user name and password to play around with and confirm whether any of this is going to work.


If the client is happy to have all the paper committed to Evernote in this way you'd need to upgrade the account to Premium,  otherwise the monthly upload quota will be too limiting.


You'll also have a maximum of 250 notebooks,  so plan on using more tags,  less notebooks,  and if you're scanning,  either scan to a searchable PDF file or save your scanned files to your hard drive and OCR in batches.  This ensures that all the files are OCR'd and included in the search index(es).  If it's easier than tagging you can use extended file names to include keywords.  Make sure there's a space before each keyword.  "This layout for invoices" works "ThisLayoutetc" doesn't.  (It is possible to use intitle:<keyword> to find a note,  provided the keyword has a leading space.)


Once the storage work is done you could downgrade the account to Plus or Free - what's been uploaded will still be available,  but future uploads will then be subject to lower limits.  Get the client to install the Evernote app on a suitable desktop so they have a local copy of the server database,  and check that they'll make regular system backups as part of their normal process.


Remove your payment details from the account if they're there*,  and leave the client to administer the content as they see fit...  easy!


*To keep your payment details confidential,  if you do wind up paying for anything - have a look at a "yearly gift subscription"


Hope some of that helps...

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