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Pasting / Formatting Bug (Partially Reproduced)

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I know there's a form for submitting issues to support, but it's easier to describe in a RichText box like here, and including screenshots. I'll submit a link to this post to support.


Most of this bug is minor, but I am building up to the more significant, annoying bug that I can only partially reproduce.


It seems almost everywhere I read about frustrated Evernote users considering OneNote, Evernote supporters jump in with arguments about what features OneNote lacks, or what Evernote handles better (e.g. tag search). But I don't care about features. I just want a working editor; one that doesn't trip me up every several copy-pastes. I hope this report brings Evernote one step closer to a smoother experience for everyone.


I am using the latest release on Windows, version (277494).



  1. Create a new note.
  2. Type "Hello, world!" and Enter to create a new line.
  3. Copy the text including the new line (alternatively, Ctrl+A and copy).
  4. Paste into the the new line.

The new line isn't pasted, and the caret appears to move to the end of the previous line:




Now, if at this point you

  1. try to click to check if there is a new line under the text,

then you see that you cannot click there and the caret moves to the end of the second "Hello, world!" so you see there is not a new line.


However, if instead of doing anything else (including clicking anywhere) after the initial four steps, you

  1. type a character, e.g. "a",

then the "a" appears with the new line where it should!




Now, here's a little variation on the above.

  1. Add a linebreak between the two "Hello, world!"s:

  2. Now, paste again.

This time, the phantom caret is at the beginning of the first line, instead of the end:




And as before,

  1. typing a character, e.g. "b",

magically creates the missing new line as well as the "b":




Next, we're going to repeat the above, except after changing our font, i.e.

  1. create a new note,
  2. set the font to something else, e.g. Georgia,
  3. set the font size to something else, e.g. 24,
  4. and repeat the "Hello, world!" steps from the previous section.

The first thing to notice is that when you paste "Hello, world!" (with the linebreak) for the first time, besides the phantom caret, the font and font size change back to their defaults:




But did they really change? Well, not at the phantom position. But if you immediately

  1. type the character "a",

you see that the font has indeed changed:




This is one of the most annoying bugs for me. Seems innocuous, but here's why:

  1. Try backspacing twice (erase the "a" as well as the linebreak):



Looks like it's fine, right? Georgia, 24.

  1. But try typing anything, e.g. "foobar".



That caret position is now "cursed." It will only type in the default font henceforth. Even if you click away and come back.


Now here's the part I can't reproduce right now from scratch. Sometimes (actually, almost all the time for me), even if I continue backspacing, the caret position continues to be "cursed." That is, if I erase more of the "Hello, world!" and try typing, I get this:

(Smaller screenshot due to attachment limit. Also, again, this is a faked "reproduction.")
This has been happening to me for many months now, on a daily basis—I just can't seem to reproduce it from the simple "Hello, world!" example, yet. But I'll continue trying after this post.


Anyway, what happens in my longer notes is that, whilst copying and pasting sentences back and forth, paragraphs here and there, moving lists around, etc. I end up with cursed positions all over the place. There is no way to remove a cursed position by backspacing, or even deleting characters to both sides of the cursed position (which is the really weird part). The only thing I can do is select the area (or Ctrl+A) and manually set the font and font size again to what they should be. And for long notes, this can take up to 10 seconds (another bug I will report). It's profoundly annoying when I'm trying to take notes very quickly and edit the organization of my lines for the font to keep resetting to a default that doesn't match what's around it. (For example, sometimes I use a larger font size because I have the note on an external monitor that is a little farther away—and then when the default font kicks in, I can't see it because it's too small.)


I hope someone at Evernote can solve at least the reproducible steps above, and after I install the update I can follow up with whether I continue to see this last unreproduced annoyance. I'm certain I'd know within a few days.


Thanks for reading.

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Evernote is in the process of rolling out a new common Note Editor across all platforms.

See  The Evernote Editor


You may want to post a link to this issue in that thread.


I'm running EN Mac 6.3 on Yosemite (10.10.5), and I don't see most of the issues you have identified in EN Win.  Perhaps at least some of the fixes have been made and will be coming to EN Win soon.

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