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High Fidelity Export Possible

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I'm getting low-quality export of complex notes.  When I export a simple note to HTML, the result look a little like it does in Evernote.  Mostly just poor fonts and inexact layout when viewed in Safari/Chrome/Firedox.


I have a lot of notes that were captured from complex web pages, using the Evernote clipper.  Many of these are completely unusable when exported to HTML.  If I edit the HTML file with a text editor, I see that the content is in there, but the HTML Evernote writes out is so horrible that Safari, Firefox, and Chrome are all unable to render it.


Is there a reliable way to export Evernote notes to renderable HTML?

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Do the Notes display properly in Evernote?  If so, then the EN HTML export should also display properly.

If the HTML export is not working for you, then you may want to report it as a bug.


Meanwhile, the only other options I know of are:

  1. Copy/Paste from EN Mac to a rich text editor like TexEdit, then export to HTML from there.
  2. Export as ENEX, and hack/process the file to extract the HTML content.
  3. Using AppleScript, get the HTML content of the Note, and save as a file.

One final thought.  I have found that Format > Simplify Formatting often does a very nice job of cleaning up complex web pages. You might give that a try, and the export to HTML.

I recommend that everyone who experiences a bug to submit a bug report.  This will make sure that Evernote is aware of the issue, provide your environment data to help identify/fix the issue, and put more pressure on Evernote to fix.


Submit a BUG report via an EN Support Ticket. In the Support Form, select "Report a bug", and start the Ticket Title with "BUG:  " to make it clear.  Reporting a bug should be available to all users, including Free Account owners.  Other Ticket types available to Free users are "Data Loss", "Crash", & "Sync Issue", "Payment/Billing Issue", and  "Log in issues".

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Thank you for the reply.


It does display very nicely in Evernote, but horribly when exported.  It displays correctly in the Web edition of Evernote too.  I wonder if Evernote is applying some sort of master stylesheet which it fails to export.   Copy/paste to TextEdit produces a simplified edition of the page.


I'll give the AppleScript idea a try.  That's a good idea.  The HTML in the ENEX is very similar to the exported HTML.


If I can cut it down to a minimal test case, I might submit a bug report.  Otherwise, its an insanely complex piece of HTML and I wouldn't expect the Evernote team to do much with it.  Frankly, I've decided to leave Evernote, so I'm trying to get all my data exported.  (I've decided that I simply cannot have my data stored in a cloud repository that is not encrypted.  Breaches will happen, and I want the data to be encrypted to protect against that.)

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Hmmm... I found the problem with the HTML.  There is a div that looks like:

<div style="margin:0px;padding:0px;font-style:normal;font-weight:normal;position:absolute;left:-2000em;" />

Changing "/>" to "></div>" fixes the render in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.


The interesting question is:

  1. Was the HTML from the original site broken? (The site has changed, so I can't check it.)
  2. Did Evernote break the HTML when the web clipper clipped it?
  3. Did Evernote break the HTML when it exported it?
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Since you have experienced this issue with only one Note, one web page, I'd guess the issue is most likely with the web page.

While it is possible that Evernote caused, or contributed to, this issue, it is likely such a rare case that it won't be fixed.


Web clipping is far from a perfect art.  Browsers are so forgiving of poor, and even "illegal" HTML code, that it is impossible to always perfectly clip every web page.  In fact, I'm amazed at how well the EN Clipper works.


You say that "I've decided to leave Evernote".  May I ask what app you're moving to?

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I'm finding a few others.  So far, in all cases it looks like the content is there - just bad HTML.  It looks like the web clipper puts HTML into Evernote which gets exported as an invalid page.  So far, it is only in cases where I clipped part of the page.

I'm not moving to an app.  More precisely, I'm going to store the documents as files in the file system and I'm going to use Finder on the Mac and Windows Explorer on Windows.  I'll use on synch app or another to make the files available on my Mac, my Windows, and my wife's Windows machines.  My primary use for Evernote has been as a filing cabinet, and the file system will do that.  Windows Search and Spotlight do a pretty good job of finding files.

Yeah, I'll be giving up cellular and tablet access to editing my notes.  OTOH, there won't be any issue about having to export data in the future.  Storing the data inside a physical perimeter is inherently more secure than in the cloud.  (Yes, I do offsite backups.)

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On 12/17/2015 at 4:03 PM, kleinfelter said:

OTOH, there won't be any issue about having to export data in the future

Maybe not an issue with export per se, but file formats can become obsolete, and can't be opened by most apps.

I just ran into this myself, with some very old, late 1980's, Word Perfect DOS files.  I haven't used WP since MS Word Windows came out (which at the time would read all WP files). Fast forward to today, now I"m on a Mac, and MS Word 2011 Mac won't read old WP files.  I searched long, far and wide, and could find nothing that would open or convert them to Word, or even text.  Finally, I had to download a trial version of today's Word Perfect, a $100+ app, to do the conversion.  Came very close to losing these old, historic files.

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