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The Win + Prt Scr combo has worked fine for years. (also the Evernote Clipper)

Just capture the information needed and print the Evernote note.


Example of a selective print (from the previous post):


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Thanks for the reply but I'm using a Mac.  One can always take a screen shot and print it, but it's an amateurish1 solution to have to create an image that has to be deleted later.  Should be able to highlight a selection and print it.


What is the Evernote Clipper.  Nothing regarding "clipper" in the help.

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I very rarely print anymore, so this issue rarely, if ever comes up for me.  I'm a Mac user, BTW.

So until/if Evernote provides the print selection feature, here's some simple workarounds:

  1. Copy the selection
  2. Print using EN Mac
    1. Press the EN Mac global shortcut to paste into a new note
    2. Print and delete the new note
  3. Print using another app, like MS Word

Actually, I'd probably print in Word even if EN Mac could print selection.

Word gives you much more control over the layout.

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Let's be real here folks. This is a basic feature in 99% of windows apps. For Evernote to position as a major productivity player and not develop it after 5 years AND not even bother to communicate about it is pretty lackluster and cheesy.

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I agree with JMichaelTX; rarely print, and I'd probably copy and paste to a different app that gives better print control.  

I can't see a large degree of user cases for this feature, and don't see an impact to Evernote "as a major productivity player"

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