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Feeling totally dumb

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I use Evernote Desktop constantly without issue.  I just though, started using Evernote on my Android phone, and I cannot seem to get the hang of it at all.


I enetered a minor note, tapped the checkmark, and exited.  When I came back I could find the note nowhere.


What am I doing wrong here?


Chuck Billow


OK...I installed the desktop version, and the multiple trial notes I had created in Android were there.  They had all saved under one title, so obviously I didn't title the notes correctly...but shouldn't I still have been able to search for and find them?  I could not in the Android version, but the popped right up on the desktop.





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Hi - EN Android works fine for me.  When you say you "couldn't find the note anywhere",  where and how did you look?  Notes aren't stored on your phone when you have an active network connection,  they're synced back to the server.  You'd have to search by tag,  title or keyword,  or scroll the notes page of your app down to 'today' in whatever sort order you have visible,  to see the note.  Check on your desktop (don't forget to sync first) to see if the note appeared there,  and do the whole thing again slowly and carefully if it didn't.  New notes are quick and easy once you get used to the process...

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