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Disable [] -> Checkbox Autoformatting

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Is there a way to disable the "[]" to checkbox autoformatting?


I might be the only user in the world who types "[]" frequently, but it is really annoying and slowing me down. I am a programmer and use "[]" for empty arrays as well as, in a completely different context, an "untagged" category to organize different sections of my notes.

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Hope it will be supported on Windows very soon... before I finish trying out One note.


I installed OneNote yesterday as well. I almost hope they _don't_ fix it soon, because I have long been frustrated with Evernote and I'm so close to switching to anything.


Do URLs still post as the default font-family / font-size regardless what your font is? Checking... yes they do.


Does the font size randomly reset to default when you delete a list or delete certain lines (I can't figure out the pattern)? Yes it does, and then there is no way to remove that "corrupt" font changer without highlighting the whole region around it and reselecting the font you desire.


Does it still take an enormous amount of time to select a large amount of text (say, 100 lines) and change its font-family or font-size? Yes, and for my notes that are 1000+ lines I have to go and do something else while Evernote remains frozen.


I don't have time to write up bug reports every update and wait for fixes. I'm not EN's QA team. "Do I think every single Evernote user would *like* autoformatting?" Who just answers "Yes!" to that question and releases something like that with no way to opt out? For software of this scale, especially. I hope someone in management or a leadership position soon makes a bold move, because I really did want to like Evernote. I had issues from the beginning (2 years ago) and thought things would get better. 800 notes later (no clippings, all handtyped notes), I'm sad this isn't the case.  :(


Sorry about the rant. It's been a long time brewin'. Figured I'd just get it out my system here, out of everyone's way.

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OneNote has a number of features/benefits over Evernote.

However, the reverse is also true:  Evernote has a number of features/benefits over OneNote.


Here are the deal-breakers for me to using OneNote:

  1. EN sync is much better
  2. EN Web clipper is much,much better
  3. ON doesn't really support tags like EN does.  Tags cannot be assigned at the Note level, and you can't have custom tags.
  4. ON doesn't support Tag Filters and Search using tags like EN
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I have an older version of OneNote installed at work, and I found it quite tempting to use. However, when I checked it out on my Windows 10 computer at home, I found it to have a steep learning curve, and as JMichael noted, it doesn't have the features that have made EN so much a part of my "non-work" life. Or perhaps I should say "non-employer" life?! I figured that with 15,000 notes it wasn't worth making the leap. Sure, there are things I don't like about EN, but I have gotten used to most of them or found work arounds. 

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