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Feature Request: Support for Presentation Layout editing on iPad




The Presentation feature is beautiful and I'm trying to use it in our office standups.
However, it's quite disappointing that I cannot edit presentation layouts on my iPad. Heck, I even tried  editing a note's presentation layout on my mac and then presenting it on the iPad, but it doesn't inherit the line breaks :(

As a final attempt, I  tried controlling my laptop screen from the iPad through an application called Zoom, but since there are no "next" and "previous" button on presentations — it was just an embarrassing hassle. 

Could we get *some* kind of presentation layout support on Evernote for iOS, please? 


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I have gotten to where I love the presentation mode now that I can edit the layout on Windows. All my internal presentations that don't need to have company branding on them are now done using Evernote, but I'd love to use my iPad or iPhone instead. 

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