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ANSWERED Saved search not working on android app

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I have constructed the following saved search query:


notebook:Next tag::Computer tag:.Focus todo:false


It works fine on both my windows desktop client and on the web UI. However it does not work on my Android app (no search results).


I can find the notes that the search outputs on web and desktop, and the seem to have been synced with the correct tags. 


The only thing I can think of, is that maybe the saved search is not synced properly. I don't know any way of checking this. I have the saved search as a shortcut. 


Any suggestions?

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"notebook:Next tag::Computer tag:.Focus todo:false" seems to have some random extra characters - were these just typos?  If you run the saved search on a desktop you'll be able to see the saved syntax in the search box after completion.  If that needs correcting,  any changes will sync back to other devices.  It shouldn't be possible to have different versions of the same saved search.


If you save the correct search content in a note,  and then in Android copy/ paste into the search box,  do you get the expected results?  There are,  I think,  still known differences between results on different platforms...

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Thank you for your reply. I found out, that the problem was caused by the prefixed colon in the tag ":Computer". I changed the naming og the tag to "@Computer" and then it worked like a charm. :)

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