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Forced Number Formatting When Not Wanted

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I updated Evernote (Windows) the other day. For the first time since then I am trying to add a simply note with a list of 1,2,3. It keeps wanting to force it to the indented number format, which I hate and don't want on my simple note. I can't get it to stop doing it. Then if I put a space between my number list the next item indents beneath it. It's driving me crazy. Anyone have any idea how to shut that off and let me just make a simply number list without formatting?

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There is a fix that is being tested in the latest beta version.


Until then you can avoid the indentation by adding 2 periods after each number.



1.. No indentation

2.. Just add 2 periods

3.. A fix is in the works


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The [ ] to checkbox thing works for me, but oddly, the numbered list automation and the three dashes to get a horizontal line automation, is not happening for me. They stay as I typed them.

Running (277494) on a Premium account if it matters. Tried on two different PCs.


I don't mind either way, to be honest. Just thought it surprising.

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