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delete/remove 2000 saved shortcuts I accidentally added

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Wow!  What a problem!

There is no tool I know of to remove a group of shortcuts.

So, you'll probably need to contact Evernote.

Since this is not a bug, you will need to be Premium or Business user to get full Evernote support.


See Submit an EN Support Ticket 




I accidentally added all my notes called clipboard image to the saved shortcut list on left panel....  how do i delete all of them without going one by one?

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Hmmn. If you select a Shortcut item and hit 'delete' you get an option menu that includes 'do not show this menu again' - tick that and <delete> removes one item without prompting. 


You still have to click on the next item before you <delete> again,  but two clicks per deletion should allow you to make slow but steady progress... 


AHK or Phrase Express could also help to set up a series of operations - repeated sets of keypresses based on one keyboard shortcut.  You'd have to trade off the learning curve in setting up the process against the time saved in deleting batches of 50 or so at a time.


Or maybe Support or another contributor here can come up with an alternative!  :)

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solved this by deleting data file.


as for deleting shortcut, tried that but for some reason took almost 5 seconds to delete one shortcut.  Good idea tho about AHK, didn't think and could have been solution.  




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