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Does web clipper cache original?


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I need to copy certain content from the web that may be volatile, i.e., the content may subsequently change or disappear entirely.

When I use Web Clipper to copy a page at time 0, will it save (cache) this content in my Evernote folder, so that when I access it at time 1, it returns a valid copy of the web page as it existed at time 0 rather than as it may exist at time 1?

Does it make any difference whether I have Basic or Premium Evernote subscription?

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The web clipping process creates a note with the content of the web page at the time of the clipping. It does not update the note's content when the web page changes. Even if the web page disappears the note stays as it is. Of course the link to the original web page that is stored with the note will not work any more.


There is no difference related to the subscription.

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As Stuhrer says, the clipper saves the page/article or whatever you selected as it was at the time of clipping. It's a permanent copy and is never updated. I have tested this feature and the clipped page/article remains even after the original page has been removed or expired, eg a sales advert. Obviously, as Stuhrer says, you will have your copy, but you won't be able to view the original if it has been removed.


The webclipper doesn't always preserve the layout of the page and sometimes, sections of the page can be moved around in the copy, but it's all there.


There is a clipper for Android and Windows (not sure about Macs). The clipper for Android is less reliable at saving pages than the Win version, it works fine on some sites I visit, but not at all on others.


If you're after a permanent copy of the page you visit, you need to give it a go and check that the image itself suits what you need, The permanency is not a problem, unless you delete it from your account. If you're on the basic package, I think there is a limit to how much you can save each month, so check to see if that suits you as well, no point in adopting a method and then finding out after a few weeks that it doesn't work, although if volume is the only problem, you can buy a subscription.

Nb, this isn't a cache, it is the purpose of the clipper. Caches consist of data saved to speed up access to the document and may be deleted according to system parameters such as age/size on disk etc.

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