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Evernote Mac Webclip Hotlink disappears

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In the top of a note view I normally see the link to notes which were created using the web clipper.  However at other times this link disappears.   The only way to restore  the link is to keep toggling views until it reappears.


For example in side list view on the line under the line "Web Posts  click to add tags" at the top of the note page:


Created: Dec 6, 2015 Updated Dec 6, 2015  forums.macrumors.com


so I see the link for "forums.macrumors.com".  But then for some reason all of a sudden I get instead:



Created: Dec 6, 2015 Updated Dec 6, 2015


with no link.  So I toggle to card view, back to side list view and lo and behold the link is back ....

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