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Evernote Marketing Nag is Pervasive

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Evernote Marketing Nag is Pervasive

and it needs to stop now.


When I have paid for a product, I find it offensive to also have to endure frequent marketing in that product that continually interrupts my workflow.


I usually don't sweat the small stuff, and I'm not inclined to complain about stuff that has little impact on me, even if it is irritating.


Over the last 6-12 months, there have been many complaints about Evernote "nag notices" on many, if not all, of the Evernote platforms/clients.  As a Premium account owner who mostly uses the Mac, I haven't really seen these nag notices.


However, EN iOS turns out to be different.  I am seeing Evernote marketing nag ads very often on EN iOS 7.9.1.  I haven't kept a record, but it seems like several times a week, sometimes several times a day.

These EN nag ads have a direct impact on my productivity, as they block the EN data I want/need to seen, and I have to tap on a small X to remove the ad, which can be a challenge to do sometimes.


What is particularly irritating about this particular ad is that it is a promotion to get me to upgrade to Premium, although I'm already a Premium user.


Here's a screenshot I just made today:


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