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Evernote saves each change while writing a note as a separate note

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I have been working on a note within one Pomodoro, that is 25 mins. At the end I ended up with 17 different notes in my notebook instead of just one - Evernote saved each change that I was making while writing as a separate Note. Now it shows each one of them as being in conflict with the most recent one, the final version of the text. 

This has happened to me several times in the past. Any idea what might be causing the trouble? 

I use Evernote on Chromebook, Android app. I also use it on my Android phone. After syncing, the phone shows the same thing: 17 different notes. 



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Hi.  Conflicting changes errors can be the result of a bad internet connection - syncs are incomplete,  so each one registers as slightly different - and/ or as the result of having two instances of Evernote open;  one on the phone and the other on your Chromebook,  both of which are syncing their version of a note back and forth to the server.  If you're working on a long note for a long time it's better to complete it in a local word-processor then copy/ paste it into a note when more or less complete.  Repeated syncs can eat up your upload quota too - a 'new' version of the note is saved each time.  Text is OK but if you include graphics that can amount to a lot of syncing...

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