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Win 7 Enterprise problem: Notes and Notes within Notebooks not being displayed

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I'm using Win 7 Enterprise and my Evernote version is (277380) Public



I cannot seem to access any of the Notes in my many notebooks, apart from the first Note in that Notebook. Each Notebook shows the number of Notes I have in it correctly. But I cannot access these Notes nor manage it in any way (apart from the first one),


When the first Note shows I cannot then move to the Next note in the Notebook. The other Notes in the Notebook are not displayed in any way.



I cannot also access the Notes section (as opposed to the Notebooks)



The Notes are there - I can access them using my iPhone - and I can see all of the Notes in each Notebook correctly. I can manage them using my iPhone.


Any help will be appreciated


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Hi.  Could you provide a screenshot of how this looks?  Whenever I select a notebook in the left window,  I get a list of notes (in that notebook) in the middle window and a view of the selected note's contents in the right-hand pane.

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