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Automatic numbering, a nightmare

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one of the last updates introduced this awful automatic numbering feature, which turns 1., 2., etc. into lists automatically. Can I turn this off somehow? I often need headings which are not automatically formatted into such lists.


Thanks for your help!

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Until Evernote releases a Windows solution, I avoid the auto behavior by typing two periods after the number (instead of one)


24.. The extra period prevents the automatic feature.

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After the last update, auto-numbering is full of bugs, and changed the numbering in some of my notes. For example, one set of numbers ends at 1030, and when I hit enter, it starts at 1, heirarchically. I am using this numbering for a book, and now have to manually re-number, using the double-period work-around. :angry:

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In 6.1 (currently in beta), there is an option to enable/disable this feature in Tools -> Options -> Note. The new option is "Automatically detect lists and lines".

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I don't mind the automatic numbering as much as the STUPID FORMAT for the automatic numbering! The hierarchy should go number, letter, roman number, etc. instead of number, number, number. I was making an agenda and wanted to create a sub-item for agenda item 1. and when I hit tab, it automatically inserted another 1., instead of an a.

I do lots of agendas and lists, but have to manually number them all because of this terrible feature. 

Here's an example using the list feature in this very text box:

  1. An example of a silly list formatting feature
    1. When you hit return and tab, it changes the 2. at the beginning of this line to an indented 1. 
      1. And so forth! 
  2. Okay and this is the way it goes
    1. Silly
    2. And sillier
      1. to the point where it looks plain dumb



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Item numbering for me has gone crazy. It has a mind of it's own. Here is what I get:

  1. Create presentation
  2. Create script outline (or wing it)
  3. Record first cut presentation with Camtasia
  4. Add Captions Using Speech-to-Text
    • Click the Captions tab. The Captions task page appears.
    • Click the Speech-to-text button.
    • Read the tip that appears then click Continue.
  5. The Preparing audio for transcription dialog appears. When the transcription is complete, the captions appear on the timeline
  6. When the audio is ready, the transcription begins.
  1. Once your captions are on the timeline, proofread and edit all captions and add capitalization and punctuation such as periods and commas
  1. 8. If you want to copy all of the captions into a separate file, put your cursor on any of the time bubbles, right click and select "Copy all text" at the bottom of the list.

I cannot get Evernote to add a 6 or an 8 in this current note.

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