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Minor Changes Not Always Reflected In 3rd Party App


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I have recently begun using Card Desk with Evernote on my Chromebook. Sometimes, however, I'll make a minor change to one of my notes in Evernote but the changes aren't reflected in Card Desk. Instead I get this message:


"The page at www.carddesk.net says: An Error Occurred:500. 

Please try logging out and logging back in to CardDesk". 


But when I try logging out and back in again, the spinning wheel with the words "Checking For Changes In Evernote" seems to spin endlessly as though it has gotten stuck there. I've tried refreshing the page and even restarting my computer, only to come back and find the wheel still spinning and checking. 


However, after leaving it alone anywhere from a few hours to a whole day, it does seem to self-correct (in that the wheel stops spinning and checking) but more often than not, my changes are not reflected. Someone suggested that it might be a third party data limitation that is causing the error, but the changes I make in Evernote when it happens have all been very small, and sometimes it has just been a matter of rearranging an image to go from one part of the note to another.


I tried contacting Card Desk support, but they don't have any idea why this happening either. Would anyone happen to know why this happening and how (or if) if it can be corrected?


Thanks so much!

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Hi.  You don't say how you're using Evernote - do you have the installed desktop version of Evernote,  or is this via the web browser version?  I'm assuming it's the desktop,  in which case CardDesk is getting its information from a different place - the server copy of your database.  When you make a change to your note,  are you syncing the content again so the server is updated?  If you ask CardDesk to check without syncing,  or while it's still happening,  chances are you won't see your changes.  The answer may be to change the note,  sync the changes,  then re-sync CardDesk - or just use CardDesk to find notes that need changing,  but don't expect to see the results immediately - just wait until you've finished all operations,  then sync manually and update.


As to why the CD update 'hangs' - this has to be down to CardDesk to sort out with Evernote.  Either an update works - in which case you should see your notes - or it doesn't,  in which case after a reasonably short delay,  you should get an (informative) error message.  If it just hangs,  that's a bug.

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To add to Gaz's input, Error 500 is a web technology "Internal server error" - unfortunately it's a catch-all error that doesn't provide much help on what specifically went wrong - it basically means some computer code is saying, "Sorry, I wasn't able to fulfill the action I was asked to do."


But to echo Gaz, the error is being generated from CardDesk's computer code, so they are really the only ones who can diagnose it.

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Thank you to you both for your input.

I am on a Chromebook, and sometimes I access Evernote through the Chrome Store app that I have pinned to the bottom shelf and sometimes through my bookmarked https://www.evernote.com. Does that help?  Also, I'm not quite certain how to do a manual sync on a Chromebook.

Would it be possible to walk me through the steps on that?  Thanks so much!

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Hmmn.  Closest I can get is keyboard shortcuts - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004807


If you're using the web page to add new notes,  that's automatically synced as you type (more or less) - see the flashing green arrow in the top menu bar.


If you're using anything else - and I don't know what Evernote have built into their Chrome extension - p'raps a user can confirm this;  but F9 should initiate a manual sync.  So no big process - just hit F9 from time to time.

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