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Moved Location of Database, but don't see local files (offline)

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I was having an issue getting Carbonite to backup my EXB file so I made a copy of my Databases folder, renamed it, and pointed EN to it. For some reason Carbonite was able to get access to the new folder and back it up. However my Local Files notebook is now not showing up in EN. These are of course my most sensitive notes so I really need them. My EXB file is the same size in the old Databases folder and the new one so I feel the notes are still there, but like I said my EN Windows app is not picking it up. 


I need to get the EN Windows app to "see" my Local Files folder. Any ideas?

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Hi.  No clue why Evernote 'lost' the local notes - you might be better off raising a support ticket - click Troubleshooting in the Help Center (link below in my sig) and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the 'Contact Support' button.  If you're a Premium subscriber you'll be able to use a chat option (weekdays 7am-7pm PST).


Try also File > Exiting Evernote and restarting,  plus shutting down and restarting your device.  If that doesn't work...


Subject to anything that Support have to say,  and if you kept the original database folder,  my suggestion would be -

  1. Sync your current notes.
  2. Identify and tag any notes you added or changed since the database location was changed. (Search separately by created date, and then updated date)
  3. Export those notes to ENEX files - one per notebook and check the options available to include tags.  NOTE: This will still kill any notebook information and note history,  plus any note-to-note links you may have used.
  4. Change the database location back to the old file.  File > Exit Evernote and restart. NOTE: This may overwrite your latest database with changes back to older versions for any notes edited since the move.
  5. Check for your local notebook(s)
  6. If they're there,  export to ENEX files as above.
  7. Change the database location back to the new file.  Check to see whether your local notebooks have magically followed you.  If not,  import all the ENEX files and move the notes back to their correct notebooks.  Sync frequently. 
  8. Beware that you may have some duplicate notes from the recently changed group;  delete the older version where necessary.  Sync again
  9. Housekeeping - check for a Conflciting Changes notebook and resolve any issues.  Empty the Trash notebook.

If you didn't keep the folder then you definitely need to talk to support!

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