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Feature requests now that I'm using iPad Pro and Apple Pencil



Now that I'm using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, a good note-taking app could make the tablet a replacement for paper notebooks. I'm hoping that Evernote will add features to make the most of this. I've been trying different apps -- Evernote's new capability to support hand-written content, Penultimate, and other apps. Since I prefer to keep everything in Evernote, I'd prefer to have one of the Evernote apps support my needs.


The features I want:


- Ruled paper: Penultimate already has this. The writing inside Evernote does not.

- Ability to re-open and edit an existing hand-written note: Neither Penultimate nor Evernote really supports this yet. Other apps (like GoodNotes) support it.

- Palm rejection: Works great in Evernote, not so great in Penultimate. Ideally I'd like a mode where only the stylus can write, and any other touch is ignored. (Again, like GoodNotes)

- Ability to find words in handwritten text: Other apps do this, and it work surprisingly well, even with my iffy handwriting.

- Ability to convert handwriting to text, and save it.


I wouldn't have even considered most of this possible before I started using the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro, but with this new hardware I can write just as well on the tablet as I can in a paper notebook.





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You can edit a handwritten note in evernote.  Just click/touch it and it opens up.  In fact I routinely save/close my handwritten notes because I have found sometimes if I switch between apps and haven't closed my handwritten note - Evernote deletes my unsaved changes.


I'd like to see the ability to have an endless canvas for note taking (like OneNote).



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I don't think you can edit a penultimate created note from within Evernote. You can annotate. The annotation edit from within each en isn't that great, it's really clunky and have you ever tried writing in it? That's awful. 


I have eave been trying to use penultimate more now that I have an iPad pro and pencil. 


I found a workaround to cataloging in en notebooks notes that were created in penultimate that I wanted to appear in their relevant notebook. You can't create or match them up from within penultimate but if you move the handwritten note from within Evernote to its relevant folder then it appears in that folder but remains in the penultimate folder where it originated. It's a bug I think but it works for moving them to the correct en notebook.


so let's get penultimate working from within en and update that clunky annotate engine. 

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