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Unable to Update Excel Spreadsheet using Evernote 7.4.2

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I've attached an Excel Spreadsheet to a Note and on my Desktop I am able to successfully make changes to the spreadsheet.


I'm running Evernote Version 7.4 1 on my Kindle Fire HDX (which is running an Amazon version of Android) and can successfully make changes to the spreadsheet on this device using WPS Office.


However, on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini phone and HP Touchpad (both running Android and Evernote Version 7.4.2) I am unable to make changes to the spreadsheet. When I click on the three vertical dots 'button' it asks me if I want to View, Edit, Edit a copy, Remove or Download and when I select Edit, "Resource not changed" appears briefly on the screen and any edits I make do not get saved. I'm using WPS Office on both of these devices.


Any help to resolve this would be much appreciated.

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Hi.  When you use the desktop,  the file will open,  and you'll make changes in Excel.  On the Kindle you;re using WPS Office the same way.  What apps do you have on your S4M that can read and edit Excel files?

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I'm using WPS Office 9.2 on my S4M and HP Touchpad. On my Kindle I'm using WPS Office 7.2.3. If the problem is anything to do with the versions of Evernote and WPS Office, then it's the earlier versions of both of these which work successfully.


I'm going to update WPS Office on my Kindle to the same version as on the other devices and see if I can still successfully update the spreadsheet on the Kindle. If I still can then that will eliminate the possibility of the version of WPS Office being the cause of the problem.


After that I'll try winding back the version of Evernote to 7.4.1 on my S4M and HP Touchpad to see if that fixes the problem (although I don't want to leave Evernote at that old version as I'd like to keep up-to-date with new versions).

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