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I have several wishes from Evernote

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Hi, Guys

This is just general idea or opinions that I wish Evernote developers consider to update.

Plus, I wonder whether you guys also wishes same thing as I do. :)



1. Merging the cell from the table... (Did you know that you can't select the cell vertically? I don't like this part as well...)

2. I like the "Evernote user forum" and I believe there is a lot of good contents from users. I wish I can access the "Evernote user forum" from the "Evernote side menu(You know the place where "Note" and "Notebook" categories are)".



1. I wish I can select them(Whatever I draw on the screenshot or blank paper) all and move around all at the same time...

2. Honestly, why not with smart art(like powerpoint)?

    - Am I the only one who wants to draw some diagrams or flowchart easily?



Do you think these are too much to ask?

I believe there are a lot of people want these idea.

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