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(Archived) crash, cannot create dump, corrupt database?

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hi all,

i dragged&dropped several (about 10) pdfs (about 5-20MB) to my local notebook.

i tagged them and finaly moved them all to an online notebook to sync with the server.

as en (windows) was at 75%, it crashed with the normal error-text "we're sorry, could'nt create a local dump, etc."

after i restart en, and started a new sync, the sync was restarted at 58% and then finished some time later.

this all leads me to the question: if i have a local crash while syncing to the sever. how big is the chance, that my db is corrupted on the server? i.e. a pdf is only half uploaded.

i think en is aware of such crashes and corruption, but -please- tell me, that is so :-)


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We're using a well-structured SQL database that should be able to handle application crashes without corruption.

However, you should definitely back up your local database file if you are making notes that you don't synchronize to the service (e.g. in a Local notebook), so that you won't lose them if something bad does happen.

If all of your notebooks are synchronized, then you could always recreate your local DB file by synchronizing your data down from the service.

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