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Back to basics

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This is a great product but in the process of adding bells and whistles I feel the developers have lost the plot in terms of basic interface and navigation. The old version was better. I use the product regularly but not every day and I guess more frequent users would just get used to it. For me I have to stop, think and press a few buttons to do anything like create a new note that will end up in the folder I want it to. Clever interface design would avoid this. The current layout discourages use - a better design would would encourage it. The task of improving this could be done as a student project by any design school in the world. It would cost nothing and you just take what you want from the results.

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Evernote is going in this direction. They have eliminated some extraneous features already.


In September, the new Evernote CEO said:
"Evernote’s strength is in its core: notes, sync, and search. That’s where we’re going to focus."
And there is this Evernote blog which said:
"For the better part of the last two years, we’ve been undertaking a massive infrastructure project in Evernote. The fruits of this work will open up the path to some of your most frequently requested features"
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