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Is there a log, or a way to view, which notes were edited during a certain time period?  The last edit date won't work, because the note may have been edited again.


I keep tons of notes on my work projects that get updated frequently and occasionally I have to search for things that might have happened during a certain period of time.  Since the note may have been created much earlier and edited again afterward there is no way I can think of to determine if I edited a note during that date range.


Does anyone have any suggestions?  Currently I jot down the date whenever I make an edit, but unless I search for each date in the date range its nearly impossible to see what notes were edited.

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Hi.  Evernote doesn't do version control as such,  though if you're a premium user you will have Note History which will give you the dates of each backup copy made of that note.  Without downloading one you can't see how it differs from the current note,  and because these backups are taken 'several times a day' you may have made changes between backups that won't be recorded.  It may help.  An alternative (if it's practical) would be in future cases to keep a running log of all changes to the project note.  You could create a Table of Contents note of everything in that project,  and below the link to a specific note,  just list the date and the one-line reason for any change.  There are probably other options using tags or manually copied notes too - it depends on how important it is to have an accurate record vs how much time yuo want to spend creating a record but not working the problem...

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That is what I was afraid of.   It's not keeping me from getting what I need to get done, its just slow and tedious, because I have to check for each individual date (which appears as part of my note entry).  I was just hoping to be able to check for a range.


I am a premium user and when I noticed that I could see the revision history for a note, I was hoping there was some way to list the revision history for all notes in a period.  Thanks for the info!

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