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Best way way to export some (but not all) notes to OneNote?

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Hi folks,

Up until now, I've used my personal Evernote Premium account to store both personal and work-related notes. A change in corporate policy means that I sadly can't use Evernote for work stuff any more, and must use our corporate OneNote service instead. I absolute will continue to use my Evernote account for personal notes (of course!)

As such, I need to export only the work related notes into OneNote for Business. Identifying the relevant notes isn't a problem - I use the tags "scope.personal" and "scope.work" to identify stuff, so it will be everything with the "scope.work" tag. Additionally, everything is in the same Notebook - I pile everything together and use tags to identify notes and sub-categories.

What I'm hoping is that there is a way to bulk migrate all the relevant notes to OneNote for Business, including the tags. Cloud-to-cloud would be ideal, as I'm not supposed to install third party applications on my work computer (including the Evernote client, although I can get away with accessing the web interface).

An suggestions are welcome! I suppose the worst case is an entertaining weekend manually copying and pasting the text of the existing notes into new OneNote notes and then re-tagging everything, but as you can imagine, I'm keen to avoid that if at all possible!

NB: in case it isn't clear, the OneNote account in question is the corporate version which comes as part of Office 365, and stores its data in Sharepoint rather than the consumer

Kind regards,


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This page describes a full migration,  but includes the comment - "The application Evernote2OneNote can help you by migrating the contents of any Evernote notebook to your default notebook in OneNote, from where you can move the notes wherever you like. To use this, you will need:..."


Looks like you may be able to move one set of notes to a new notebook and then export that notebook via this software.  Don't know whether the output will be compatible with your Sharepoint-based OneNote - you'll have to try it and see.


Evernote tags (AFAIK) don't translate - OneNote works on a different basis;  you might have to export notes in groups of tags to preserve your formatting - might be an idea to export a small batch of notes and experiment before getting too ambitious.


Please let us know how you eventually roll - good luck!

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Hi gazumped.


Firstly, thanks for taking the time to help :)


Sadly, I'm not sure Evernote2OneNote is going to help, as it would seem to require installing the E2ON app on my laptop - something which isn't allowed by our IT policy, and which will set off alarms if I try (which is why I was hoping for a cloud-to-cloud solution I could use over the web). It's a shame, as moving the work notes to a separate notebook wouldn't have been a big deal. 


Still, that doesn't detract from the fact that you went out of your way to try and help me find a solution - which is hugely appreciated. :)


Kind regards,



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