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Adding tag when creating note without the mouse

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I use tags pretty heavily in my Evernote workflow. I also create a lot of notes, sometimes they are just titles. It is really painful for me to have to click on the tag field to enter my tags.


When I press Ctrl + Alt + t, that brings up the assign tag box, but there is no easy way (that I can tell) to actually select one of the tags (with the keyboard) to add. It would be nice if I could bring up the Assign Tags dialog, start typing a tag, hit enter, and that would select a tag. Ctrl-Enter would add all my selected tags.



An even better solution (for me) would be if I could just say #tag within the content of my note and that would tag the note for me.



I realize I could do so and then simply search for #tag, but that creates a disjointed experience, and as far as I can tell, there is no way to save a search. Ideally this would not be the case and we would have more abstract content + filtering. The sidebar that lets you filter by tags, notebooks etc. are just filters, they should be definable on anything including searches, tags etc. (think smart playlists or Gmail filters).



Anyway, if I missed something or any of these things are planned it would be great if you could let me know!

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