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Upgraded from Basic to Plus on 30.11, got only 12 months instead of 18

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On 30th of November I did an upgrade from Evernote Basic  to Plus from my iPad App, I pressed on a button, advertizing the additional 6 months deal. After I was not able to pay with PayPal, I paid the 20 euros with iTunes. So now I am Plus user, but I cannot find those extra 6 months, in Account Summary is stated: "Evernote Plus - Next charge Nov 30, 2016".


Could you please tell me when I will get the advertized extra six months?

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Same happened with me going from Basic to Premium. I sent a support request a couple days ago but no reply yet...


Wait, I just looked at my account summary again and now it says I am good until June 1, 2017. Yay! For others, not sure if this will get fixed automatically or if you need to send a support request?


My Experience...

I clicked on the "Get 6 months free limited time offer" and paid with PayPal but my account showed that the next payment was due in 12 months instead of 18. It is fixed now.


Good luck.  ~Dave

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