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Saving webpages to different notebooks with Android app

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I am using the Android app version of Evernote on my Samsung Galaxy S4.  When I am on a website, using firefox, and I want to save it, how can I pick which notebook to save that website into?


I have several notebooks set up.


So if I want to save a recipe webpage, I want it to go into my recipe notebook.

If I have a webpage with another subject matter, I want that to go into another notebook.




Seems when I save a webpage they all go into the same notebook I was last looking at in the evernote app.


So how can I pick/change which notebook to save these different webpages in?


Thank you


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Hi.  When you see the green rotating spot that means 'working',  tap the spot - you'll get options then.  For speed and efficiency though I'd suggest it's better to have a generic inbox and move notes via your desktop - you can bulk select all recipes forinstance and move them to the right notebook.

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Amazed this still hasn't been sorted out by Evernote! I hate the way I can only save webpages to the one notebook from my Samsung tablet then have to re-sort later. Would be much easier to be able to select which notebook the webpage is going in at the point of saving. Please sort this out Evernote! Thanks

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? Hi.  Try tapping the green progress spot - there are options to change the notebook,  add tags and choose between full page and bookmark - unless the tablet version of EN is very different from the phone one...

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