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Bug Report: Trailing carriage return is stripped when pasting text

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Here is how to reproduce the bug:

highlight a single line of text in a note, by using Shift DownArrow

Cut ctrl-x

Find 2 lines that is separated by a blank line

Put the cursor in the blank line between the two lines

Paste ctrl-v

The pasted text will fill the empty line, but the Carriage return is omitted, it is stripped and thus the blank line is lost

To work correctly Evernote should behave similar to Word or Gmail, where the CR is retained when pasting.

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Ah, didn't get loosing the blank line in the process, my bad.  FWIW, if you do the paste at the end of the line in front of the blank line you keep the blank line, preserving the carriage return.  Kind of counter intuitive, but it works.

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