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PDFs from google inbox do not open

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So when viewing a PDF in Google's Inbox, I select pop up in window button.   Then there is an option to "Save to Evernote" at the bottom.    After saving to Evernote, I'm able to view inline but nothing happens when I right click and select open.  And Android will not allow me to view or open.  All I get on Android is a link to the PDF.   Now directly downloading the PDF and uploading to Evernote works fine.   Also forwarding the email works great.   


I'm thinking that it is something that Inbox is doing to the PDF because I get a weird URL in the browser. Clicking the URL will open the PDF in the web browser only. Below is a screenshot of the note and, again, opening the PDF does nothing.  And as mentioned above, the other big problem is that I can't view it on Android.  







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The 'odd link' you get may be a link to the actual email attachment stored on your desktop.  The Android can't show it because it doesn't have access to that link.  If you doubleclick the icon in Android,  the PDF will load in whatever software you have installed to read PDFs (a reader is not built into Evernote).  If you don't have any such software installed,  you won't be able to see the file.  And mobiles don't have the same sort of storage available as desktops,  so store store the original file;  hence the icon.

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Thanks for the fast reply.   I have Adobe Reader on my phone but Evernote on Android pops up a message about file could not be accessed, check file location or network.  Adobe Reader pop ups but then that error message displays.     I think that it should work fine on both devices.      

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I just changed the default from Adobe Reader to Google Drive viewer and it displayed but still using Google's weird URL.  So I'm leaning more towards the problem being on Google's end.    And when I click on "open with" in the google drive viewer and select Adobe Reader, I get the same error.    Obviously, downloading would be better but web clipping is a faster method.   

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