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How Do I STOP Evernote Login From autoloading in Firefox/Linux?

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Everytime I click on an Internet link in a 3rd party app my default browser (Firefox 42.0) ignores the link and opens the Evernote Login page.


USING : Linux Mint 17.2 and Firefox 42.0


I tried Evernote.  I use Linux so I used Everpad there and the Evernote App on my tablet. Too buggy. So I uninstalled Everpad.


I tried the Web app for the linux side but I still got too may problems so I deleted all notes and uninstalled Android Evernote.  I didn't delete the account because it seems to say that once you do that you can never open another account with the same email and I figure that SOMEDAY the problems might be fixed.


Now every time I click on any www hyperlink in any linux app, Firefox ignores the link and opens the Evernote login page.


I searched Firefox about:config and deleted anything that had any mention of Evernote.  No change.


I checked Firefox plugin's and made sure there were no Evernote related plugin's.  No change.


I did a global search of my hard drive looking for "*evernote*". None found.


I checked the linux "startup applications" list but there is nothing related to Evernote.


I'm about ready to uninstall - purge - reinstall firefox but first -       ANY SUGGESTIONS?????





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