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(Archived) Evernote crashes when i try to launch

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When it crashes, does it give you the special dialog with the 'Send' button to send the crash report? If it does, please send this to us.

Did it start crashing from the very first run, after you have installed it? Or were you able to enter the account login/password the first time you ran it?

Any additional information/screenshots is much appreciated.

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The first time I installed it I was able to make some notes, do some testing.

Installed it on my mobile device and did some notes.

After closing the program on my PC, and restarting it, it would no longer launch.

I have sent the bug and will attach some screenshots.



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Thanks! On the last screenshot, there are two "click here" links; could you please click on the first one and send us the technical information also? (You can just copy-paste it from there as a text, not as a screenshot).

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How do I copy and paste the contents in the Error Report?

AFAIK, this is just a selectable text. So, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V should work there. Alternatively, you can provide a screenshot of it (the most interseting part is at the top).

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Thanks -- our investigation continues.

Can you provide us your database file for analysis? It is located in \My Documents\My Evernote files\DataBases3\.exb (PM me for details)

Also, you can try to rename this .exb file into .exb.backup and restart Evernote, then provide your username and password once again and start from scratch (or from the point you last synced your database with the Service).

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Taking out the db and resyncing with the webserver worked. Its working again. Thanks.

You're welcome.

P.S.: We would still love to see at the database that made Evernote crash, if you can provide it (confidentiality guaranteed).

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