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turn auto checkbox OFF



I have a report I typically compose in evernote.

I recently updated my evernote copy to the one directly downloaded from the evernote site -- since then, the checkboxes automatically convert from [ ] .  This is lovely if you want to use as checkbox, but I really want text.

Is there a way to turn OFF the automatic conversion to checkboxes?



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Unfortunately there isn't a way yet.  We are adding a preference to turn off the bullets but I hadn't heard of anyone not wanting the checkbox so that currently isn't in the plan but let me investigate more.  For now you can use CMD+Z to undo the conversion.


@Marcus, please make the preference to toggle on/off auto-formatting apply to ALL auto-formatting.

I'll keep repeating this:  I see no need for auto-formatting when there is already a shortcut key to achieve the same effect.

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