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Called to upgrade every few days

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Hi, folks,


It's really frustrating that I can't get personalized support since I'm a longstanding Evernote user, and I did pay for this product when it first came out. But for whatever reason, I'm now considered a nobody. :-(


Anyway, I bought Evernote for Mac in the early days from the Mac Store, and have been using it ever since. However, over the time I've been a user, periodically the Mac app takes me to a modal dialog to ask me to choose my edition before moving on -- basic, plus, or premium.  I always choose "basic", every time. But then a few days later, I often get *another* call to action, another modal dialog, another desktop notification, telling me Evernote needs my attention -- and I switch to the Evernote app and sure 'nuff, another three-panel modal dialog call to action: "choose basic / plus / premium".  How many times do I need to choose this?


It's driving me insane. First of all, that I paid for this and helped the company in its early days but buying into the product, only to be left high and dry with an annoying modal dialog every few days today, and no way to seek direct help.  I don't feel inclined to pay for a premium membership given the decreasing utility of a product I paid for.  I don't mind being told periodically that new features are only available if I upgrade. But this is crazy -- hitting me over the head, interrupting my normal "workflow" (no, I don't use it for work, to be clear -- just for my personal notes and collected info), and reminding me that I don't rate because I haven't kept paying into the future even though the product has gotten less and less useful to me over time.




Any ideas on how to stop it from doing this would be great. Moreover, any ideas whether there's some special grandfather clause that allows me to have "plus" membership or something because I bought the Mac Store version, would also be great to know. Thanks.



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