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(Archived) do you use a Notebook or Tag for "receipts"/"business card"?

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Receipts - a single notebook for all receipts. But tags to separate by year & user. (I do my mother's books, too. So I have our receipts & my mother's in the same notebook. But it's easy to find my mother's receipts for 2007 b/c of the tags.)

Business cards are located in my contacts notebook with a tag of "business cards."

I don't do whiteboard snaps, either.

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Regarding the whiteboard snaps...I do have some audio files (Livescribe) and a LOT of handwritten notes. The audio files are kept in the same notebook but have descriptive titles. I think I do this b/c I typically remember if something was an audio file, so I just go to that notebook & search for the right one.

OTOH, the photos of handwritten notes (IE Post-Its or the back of envelopes that I write notes when talking on the phone) are stored in the notebook that makes sense BUT I do tag them as "handwritten notes."

I don't know if that helps you or not. :lol:

EDIT: I just checked & I DO have one or two audio files in other notebooks (that pertain to the subject of the audio file.). But I did use an "audio file" tag. So I dunno.. :D

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Interesting. Unlike the others posting on this topic, I don't categorize information by "source" or "type" like this. I just categorize by subject. So I have these notebooks:

- work confidential (no sync)

- work synced

- personal records

- personal projects

- random interesting info

and I have tags like:

- people

- technology

- law

- workprojects

- issues

(each with many sub-tags)

So a receipt from a business trip might go in the "Work synced" notebook, and get tagged , "reimburseable"

But a receipt for a new computer might go in the "personal records" notebook, and get tagged "technology," "home"

And a receipt for moving expenses would go in the personal projects notebook and get tagged "move 2010" and "taxes"

Same thing with business cards. They'd all be tagged "people," but the notebook would depend on whether they were work or personal or just "random" :lol: I

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I think it would be interesting (if not helpful) for people to share their various tagging/notebooking methods. My methods are still evolving as I find myself using EN more often.

Same thing with business cards. They'd all be tagged "people," but the notebook would depend on whether they were work or personal or just "random" :lol: I

Actually, I think you & I do contacts pretty much the same way. Only I use the inverse (reverse?) that you do (tags vs. notebooks.) I keep a people (contacts) notebook & then tag by source, whereas (if I understand correctly), you put the people in the source notebook & tag as "people/contacts." My husband & I have both worked at our (different) companies for decades. So of course, we have work contacts who are also considered friends, as I'm sure many people do. By putting them in the generic "contacts" notebook, I know that's where everyone should be & I don't have to decide if they go in the "Friends" notebook or the "BNF's work contacts" notebook or the "BNF's husband's work contacts" notebook. I simply apply the appropriate tags. And then there's the occasional person who doesn't seem to fall into any category other than "contact" (possibly my version of your "random" person.) That's someone you had an enjoyable discussion with on an airplane or a friend of a friend you may (or may not) hook up with later.

Essentially, I think we use the same system except I'm using notebooks where you're using tags & I'm using tags where you use notebooks.

I had a similar dilemma with restaurants, stores, businesses. Ok, Dr. Chem Dry carpet cleaners is a business. But is Bed, Bath & Beyond a business or a store? Well, if I put it in contacts, I can tag it as both. I finally dropped the store thing & stores are businesses. But I do like the restaurant tag b/c when you're out & about & decide to get something to eat, it's nice to just get a list of places to eat.

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