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Links from gmail opening in browser instead of app

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I just started using evernote yesterday. My colleague has sent me some links by email. When I click on them, they open in the browser instead of in the app ... I tried change all the defaults for apps, it didn't help. When I tap the link within Gmail, instead of opening the app, a web browser window opens. I can access the links by opening the app directly but it's really incovenient. Anything else I can try before I give up on this app? 



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If you receive share links to a note,  you're seeing the public version of that note which you can view in a browser but not edit.  You could copy the content to your own notes. 


Your colleague would have to use work chat to share a 'live' note which you can then edit together,  or put the notes to be shared with you into a separate notebook,  and then share that notebook with you.

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