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Cannot print an entire note

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I have a note that will take 27 pages to print. It starts from the end and prints the last 14 pages, then stops. Has done this repeatedly. I cannot print the first 13 pages since it ALWAYS prints entire note and stops at the same place.


What am I doing wrong?

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Hi.  See your other question - can you export the note to HTML or copy/ paste it into a word-processor to print?  Have you tried logging into your account via a browser and Evernote.com and printing it from the web?  There's nothing within Evernote that would limit you to 14 pages and nothing that prints last-page-first,  so I'd suspect your printer settings are the problem here...

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I did try to save as an HTML and print from there. I had the same problem so, I agree, I think it's a printer issue.


I gotta say, though, I'm not impressed with the serious limitations on printing things that I create in Evernote. Saving as another format to print or playing the copy/paste game just adds work. Is that the best solution there is to getting notes onto paper?

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