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Request: Additional Notebook allowed in Stack, 3 notebook levels

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I know this has been posted about, alot.

This seems such a crucial feature that (I see the request & complaint everywhere) that I just want to make sure it stays on Evernote Radar.

I have started seeing a lot of people stating that they may need to switch to OneNote, and frankly after using Evernote for years I may have to do the same...which stinks because I like EN better overall...

Don't lose people EN!

I would like to see at least one more Notebook able to be nested in a stack. This would increase my organization & EN usability.

Right now I am having to use so many tags that it is getting hard to find the tag.

It is also harder to find the notes I am looking for, or organize the information.

I would like to be able to structure something like this:


Medical (NB 1, has its own notes too)

~>Genetics (Stacked under Medical, has its own notes too)

~>~>Mitochondrial (stacked/ nested under Genetics)

~~>~>[Notes tagged things like BH4, Mutations, AGXT, Research


I am having to reorganize all of my research, and am currently choosing between OneNote and Evernote.

The only advantage of OneNote is that it has a "3 layer view"

Notebook view has Section (you can have multiple), then Multiple pages in the section...so I can really see a lot of the documentation I have done at a glance.

OneNote is a bit more combersome, harder to work within the document, limited in its capabilities.....

But I can't figure out how to organize EN stuff to get a similar viewpoint, or usage..

Perhaps EN could put together some Truly Excellent instructions that show multiple ways to organize & consolidate notes?

Perhaps each geared towards a Target audience if they can't add the extra Notebooks (that seem to be repeatedly requested for years now)





Project Management

Houshold User


If anyone knows of a good resource/reference Best Practices for Organizing my EN Notes based on a Student or Research need....I would really appreciate it.

I have been go ogling trying to find something.


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Hi.  We've had this discussion before in the forums many,  many times.  If you wish to have your notes segregated into various folders with the names you listed,  why not create nested tags in that format?  Apply the appropriate tag(s) to each note,  and a search for tag:Mutations will turn up all the notes in that virtual 'folder'.  Creating tags in a hierarchical format quickly leads you to the appropriate tag. 


Evernote shows no sign of changing the way it deals with notes,  and even if it took your suggestion on board it would be several months before the system could change,  so your choice would seem to be either to find a way to use the current structure,  or to use different software.

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Yeah, I am trying to figure out a 'best practice' for organization.

I had a bad concussion & it has really messed with my ability to organize (I used to be a project manager).

Is there a way to 'nest' the tags so I don't wind up with 100 tags? Like sub tags or something (it could be just a way to view them)

I was think about tags last night...the problem I am having with tags is that I don't want to sort through medical tags when I am trying to tag something for my DVR...

It would be nice to be able to organize the tags other than by alphabet

like having a + that opens sub tags (kinda like windows folders or book marks)

Contacts (and then have all my contact tags viewable)

Medical (when I click on that I could see tags that nested there)

Shopping (websites or notes with more specific tags)

Grrr..Is there a better spot I should be posting or reading for

EN organization ideas or best practices?

any excellent sites? I Googled Evernote organization best practices, How to organize Evernote & a few other terms, but the results are overwhelming me.

I don't know if there is a better program I should be using..One note seems to have some major Android limitations...

I may have to get a tablet like pc. I have pretty much just been using a tablet for a few years now.

thanks for your help.


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Try here for some ideas - Evernote's Help and Learning Center does pretty much what it says on the can.  https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209006097


And yes,  tags can be nested as many deep as you like - so you could have





        new pills

        old pills






- just making stuff up here,  but all the sub-tags will fold away if you want to get rid of them.

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