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Anote (Awesome note) mystery

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I've installed Anote on my Ipad and it syncs with Evernote. But on the Anote icon on the screen there is the number 25 ... what does that mean? Is is something to do with emails? I get no response from the Anote help dept.

Many thanks

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It is difficult to diagnose a question without some specific contextual information.

Where on the screen is the icon? what does it look like?, or include a screenshot.


The no response from Anote is probably due to the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend.


From your description, it sounds like it is the Badge Icon

The Badge icon tells you the number of Today's to-dos


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I don't use the program, just offering some suggestions.


1.) You supplied a big clue today. You  originally said the number was 25 but now it is 29.  

Today is the 29th of the month. Seems like it might be connected to the calendar. 

If I am correct, the # will change each day & you won't be able to get rid of the #.

See if it drops down to 1 in two days (November 1)




2.) It is a Badge icon:

"The Badge icon tells you the number of Today's to-dos"

To reduce the number, try completing some of your to-dos.




3.) Wait until the weekend is over and contact Anote support again.

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