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Feature Request: Source URL field



When you are doing research and need to know the source for a note, or remember where you posted information that you wish to reuse ( i.e. forum discussion ) , I find the source URL field invaluable for this.


Please add a source url field to the iOS app so that end users can add/edit this value as needed.


Thank You.



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6 minutes ago, TheGooch said:

That does help with new notes. With old notes, it does not work.

Check.  You have to use the desktop to add a URL to an existing note.  Up voted this one.

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This is kind of a specific case, but I felt it was best to post here. With content shared to Evernote from third party apps the URL source is not added to the note's meta data like it is from safari. 

I have an Evernote note of the workflow and a complete description of the feature request here.

In the case of the Reddit app, the source is very easy to find. Please check out the link to the public note. I worked hard on it. 

Asside: I don't obsess over cute kittens, I'm working on this for a friend. 

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