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General question - Prices and Offline software

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I am a student searching for interesting way to manage all my documents (pdf) and web article (news,...).
In that way I searched, I think, a lot of different softwares and I think I can't find what I want, even if it's quite "easy":

- I don't want online storage (cloud,...). Privacy is important and we can actually have 200go on a usb key size so why should I store and "abandonned" my security to someone else ?

- I want to be able to work on the pdf: to put marks, tags, to search texts on it.

- I want to be able to keep News and blogpost from mozilla or from my phone and just transfer to that software (copy and past or by using USB and not some random online transfer).


So I just found desktop Evernote Premium which looks better than the free Evernote and I am ready to pay for quality, but I would like more informations and I am also wondering something.


If I use the offline mode:

- Can I use the Web Clipper just by transfering to the desktop evernote (not going through online server ?)

- Can I use the Evernote app (android) and transfer notes to the desktop evernote just by using usb ?


- If no, Can I deactivate the "transfer to the Cloud" setting ? Like if I click on "synchronization" I just want to receive files and not send it (from online to laptop and not laptop to cloud).


Last thing, in my mind I just use the software offline: I don't want "online storage" (cloud) so I don't understand why should I pay the software monthly ? (I mean I understand if it's just to pay more :P)

Like I would prefer to pay for the software a global price and then, if I need, to pay for storage (okay it's not what you want I guess but you should consider my point of view I think).




Thank you for your answers,




PS: please I never posted on this website but I know some people (on some forums) don't care about security and privacy, if you're in that case you don't need to spam the topic, thank you.

PPS: I think it's on the good category, if not I'm sorry, just change it, thank you ;)

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I am globally using the desktop version, the smartphone app was more or less a question which could had been a good feature.

So can I have differents "notebooks" (I'm not sure of the english name) and choose one online which I could connect to my smartphone and one offline , totally disconnected from internet, for my personnal works ?

It's a nice feature in Onenote: you can choose to totally disconnect the software from Internet just by checking a box or even choose to synchronize only some books... but after the software is really messy :/


The problem with the free version is that when I put a pdf on evernote I can't see all the pages at once, I have to click on next/previous page everytime which is not good.

 => When I edit a pdf, with the premium version, every note I do will be showed at the beginning of the note...so it's easier to have a global view of a pdf (with sometimes 100pages :P).

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Look in the Evernote help center for local notebooks. If you want to use the clipper you will need to use the sync service. Like JB I think Evernote is probably not the right app for you

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