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Using tags in shared notebooks


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I have created a notebook that I have shared with my wife. I have created some notes, and applied some tags. My wife is able to se the tags on the individuel notes. However the tags does not figure in her list of tags, so we can't seem to figure out how she can use tags for filtering the content of the notebook. 


From what I have googled, it seems that only the notebook owner is able to create tags for usage in the shared notebook. If so, I am fine with that. But there have to be some way for collaborators to acutally make use of the tags?


Does it requre med to have a business or premium subscription perhaps?


Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks. 

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Hi.  Tags can be.. erratic.. in shared notes.  You won't get any different behaviour in a higher account level.  If your wife creates a new note in the shared notebook and physically types the tag name,  does it attach correctly? 

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She can create a note in the shared notebook and specify a tag (one that I have created). It is attached correctly. She is also able to attach a tag, to a note, that I have created. The tags does still not figure on her list of tags, so she still can't use it for filtering (or we have not figured out how to do so). 


She is logged on the web based UI. 

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It's been almost 2 years since the original post and I'm having the same problem with my wife.

I've shared a notebook with her and whilst she can see the tags along with each note, she is not able to filter notes according to those tags because they do not show in her list of tags.

Evernote without filters is just a dumping ground and has no value. Any suggestions?

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I have the same problem. It is a shame that we are not able to share tags and tag hierarchies. It doesn't work even for viewing and searching of existing tags. And nothing changes for years with this problem.

I believe, there is no conceptual problem with this. It can be designed and implemented with no problem. It is just not a priority for the Evernote team.

I think, in current situation creating a joint family account for family tasks is the best option. But this means paying for an additional license.

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