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Adding Columns in Web Version/Workout Tracking

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I am trying to record my gym workouts in EN.


I have a pdf of what my workouts are, which is attached. It represents 3 days worth of workouts.


I use EN web, since I am on linux (ubuntu 14.04 LTS), and there is no desktop version as far as I know (I tried some 3rd party apps - they did not work for me), and I use the app for my android phone.


I'd like to have the bulk of the workout in EN, so I'd only have to fill in the weights/reps part.


However, in EN web, I can make tables, which is close, but seems it is limited to 6 columns wide, and I don't see a way to color the borders or fill a cell.


Any ideas how to convert this 3 day workout into EN notes?

3 day workout.pdf

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Hi.  That's a lot of information.  Can't help with the compression,  but with tables,  you can create a table-within-a-table.  So if you create a three-column table for the layout,  with text in the left and a 6-column table in the centre,  you could maybe add your superset box on the right?

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