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Can you copy Notes?

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Here's what I think is the easiest way:

  • Open the Note you want to copy. - - - In the lower right hand corner on an iPhone (upper right hand corner on an iPad) are 3 dots.
  • Click on them. - - - A menu of options will pop up.
  • Click on "Duplicate". - - - A copy of the Note will be created and it becomes the "active" Note.
  • Assign the Note is to your desired Notebook.
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Analyst444 is correct, you can add a duplicate copy of the note to another notebook using the steps they provided. If you want to *move* the note to a different notebook, you can tap the notebook name (located under the Note Title section) and tap on  a different notebook to move the note to that location. 


Hope that helps!

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23 hours ago, PlannerGrl22 said:

Is it possible to copy a note using the website application?  When I click on the ---  Then only selection I get is "Copy Notelink"

Hi.  Short answer,  "No".  If you have a 'paid' version of Evernote you would be able to send a note by email - to your own account email address - which would create a duplicate (I think; haven't tried this lately!)  Please test carefully before using real information!

How to save email into Evernote

If you're using Basic you could send the note to your own email address and then copy / paste into a text or word processor file and then insert or attach that file to a note....  if you really wanted to.  :wacko:

Edit:  sorry - should have said.  Send by email is one option of Share - top right of your screen.

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I have one encrypted note and this feature in now broken on Mac so I cannot open the file in the Mac app or on web.

i can open it in the android app and with iOS [tho the latter does not allow browser use].

i need to 'liberate' the file, but it seems that even when decrypted an Evernote cannot be copied/pasted if it was previously encrypted.

all the share options I have tried just result in a link to the encrypted note.

How can I escape?

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4 minutes ago, csbc said:

I have one encrypted note and this feature in now broken on Mac so I cannot open the file in the Mac app or on web.

Are you sure about the web platform - I know there was a bug being worked on in the Mac platform but I thought the web was ok

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If I try to log in on iPad via Chrome [and I assume Safari] I get 'Sorry, Evernote Web is not supported on iPad browsers'.

Browsers work on OSX, but not for encrypted notes, a bug which they have known about for months.

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6 minutes ago, csbc said:

Thanks, I think I've already tried that and it creates another encrypted note [which may generally speaking be a good idea, but it is NOT a good idea that you can't copy a decrypted note!]

So for the encrypted note you're out of luck on the Mac and Web platforns
There's always Contact Evernote Support Twitter @evernotehelps  
Possibly some nice Windows user will help you decrypt the note - you'd have to give them the note and password

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